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Q. What is Bangladesh Code?
Ans: Bangladesh Code is the compilation of amended, substituted and authentic version of all existing Acts of Parliament, Ordinances and President’s Orders in force in Bangladesh printed in chronological order.

Q. From which year the Bangladesh Code started compiled ?
Ans: The first Act in the Bangladesh Code is accumulated from 11th September, 1836 and the first Act title is ‘The Districts Act, 1836’.

Q. How many Acts/Ordinances/ President’s Orders are compiled in 38 volumes of Bangladesh Code ?
Ans: Total 956 Acts, Ordinances and President’s Orders have been compiled in the Bangladesh Code from September, 1836 to January, 2007.

Q. How can I get the websites of other Ministries/Divisions/Directorates/ Organizations from this site ?
Ans: You will find a list of the Ministries/Divisions/Directorates/Organizations from the ‘Related Links’ box in the Homepage of the Laws of Bangladesh website. Click ‘Bangladesh Government Official Website’ from the ‘Related Links’ or type ‘www.bangladesh.gov.bd’ in the browser address bar.

Q. Can I see any updated laws in the PDF ?
Ans: PDF contains only the 38 volumes of Bangladesh Code those have been published in January, 2007. Any update on laws after January, 2007 is incorporated in the HTML format in the ‘Laws of Bangladesh’ web-site.

Q. How do I print a section from the Bangladesh Code website ?
Ans: You can print any text from the Bangladesh Code website. Use ‘Help Menu’ to get help on printing a text.

Q. How do I print a list of Acts under a Volume from the ‘Laws of Bangladesh’ website?
Ans: Click on the ‘Laws of Bangladesh’ from the Homepage and then select ‘Advanced search’ from the search option. Enter desired Volume No. in the ‘Volume’ search entry-box to get the list of Acts, Ordinances and President’s Orders under that volume. Click on the ‘File’ option of the browser menu (usually displays on the top) then select ‘Print’ for printing the displayed portions.

Q. Can I find rules, provisions etc. made under any Act, Ordinance or President’s Order in this web-site?
Ans: No, in this web-site only the main Act, Ordinance or President’s Order can be found.

Q. How do I search the selected items ?
Ans: The search option offers a variety of powerful searching techniques which are explained in the Search Help menu.

Q. How do I switch between the English and Bangla menus or search operations ?
Ans: In the Homepage you can select ‘Bangla’ or ‘English’ button to switch between Bangla and English menu.

Q. Can I see a side-by-side version of the Bangla and English Acts ?
Ans: No, currently there is no choice to view any Act, Ordinance and President’s Order in both English and Bangla language. Because the Codes in 38 volumes are not available in a single language only. Some volumes are in English and others are in Bangla i.e. vol. 1 to 26 are in English and vol. 27 to 38 are in Bangla language.

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