Short Title Act No.
  The Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation Act, 1973   XXII
  The Bangladesh Flag Vessels (Protection) Ordinance, 1982   XIV
  The Family Courts Ordinance, 1985   XVIII
  The Famine Insurance Fund Act, 1937 (Bengal Act)   III
  The Fatal Accidents Act, 1855   XIII
  The Ferries Act, 1885   I
  The Film Clubs (Registration and Regulation) Act, 1980 [Repealed]   XXVIII
  The Film Development Corporation Act, 1957 (East Pakistan Act)   XV
  The Finance (1971–1972) Order, 1972 (President's Order)   52
  The Finance (Third) Ordinance, 1958 (East Pakistan Ordinance)   LXXXII
  The Finance Act, 1957 (East Pakistan Act)   X
  The Finance Act, 1967 (East Pakistan Act)   XVII
  The Finance Act, 1973   XI
  The Finance Act, 1974   XLIV
  The Finance Act, 1975   III
  The Finance Act, 1979   V
  The Finance Act, 1980   XXIII
  The Finance Act, 1981   XI
  The Finance Order, 1972 (President's Order)   77
  The Finance Ordinance, 1976   XLV
  The Finance Ordinance, 1977   XXIII
  The Finance Ordinance, 1978   XXI
  The Finance Ordinance, 1982   XVI
  The Finance Ordinance, 1983   XXVII
  The Finance Ordinance, 1984   XLII
  The Finance Ordinance, 1985   XXXII
  The Finance Ordinance, 1986   XLV
  The Financial Institutions Laws Amendment Ordinance, 1977   LXI
  The Fish and Fish Products (Inspection and Quality Control) Ordinance, 1983   XX
  The Fisheries Research Institute Ordinance, 1984 [Repealed]   XLV
  The Food (Special Courts) Act, 1956 (East Pakistan Act)   X
  The Foodgrains Supply (Prevention of Prejudicial Activity) Ordinance, 1979   XXVI
  The Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Ordinance, 1982 [Repealed]   XXXI
  The Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Ordinance, 1978 [Repealed]   XLVI
  The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947   VII
  The Foreign Marriage Act, 1903   XIV
  The Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980   XI
  The Foreign Recruiting Act, 1874   IV
  The Foreign Relations Act, 1932   XII
  The Foreign Voluntary Organisations (Acquisition of Immovable Property) Regulation Ordinance, 1983   LXXIII
  The Foreigners Act, 1946   XXXI
  The Forest Act, 1927   XVI
  The Forest Industries Development Corporation Ordinance, 1959 (East Pakistan Ordinance)   LXVII

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