Short Title Act No.
  The Bangladesh Handloom Board Ordinance, 1977 [Repealed]   LXIII
  The Bangladesh Homoeopathic Practitioners Ordinance, 1983   XLI
  The Bangladesh Hotels and Restaurants Ordinance, 1982 [Repealed]   LII
  The Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation Order, 1973 (President's Order).   7
  The Haor Development Board (Dissolution) Ordinance, 1982   XXXVII
  The Hats and Bazars (Establishment and Acquisition) Ordinance, 1959 (East Pakistan Ordinance)   XIX
  The Highways Act, 1925   III
  The Hindu Disposition of Property Act, 1916   XV
  The Hindu Gains of Learning Act, 1930   XXX
  The Hindu Inheritance (Removal of Disabilities) Act, 1928   XII
  The Hindu Law of Inheritance (Amendment) Act, 1929   II
  The Hindu Marriage Disabilities Removal Act, 1946   XXVIII
  The Hindu Married Women's Right to Separate Residence and Maintenance Act, 1946   XIX
  The Hindu Religious Welfare Trust Ordinance, 1983 [Repealed]   LXVIII
  The Hindu Widow's Re-marriage Act, 1856   XV
  The Hindu Women's Rights to Property (Extension to Agricultural Land) Act, 1943 (Assam Act)   XIII
  The Hindu Women's Rights to Property Act, 1937   XVIII
  The Housing and Building Research Institute Ordinance, 1977   XLIX
  The Hundred-Taka Demonetised Notes (Mode of Payment and Recovery of Taxes) Act, 1975   XXXV

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