Short Title Act No.
  The Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha Ordinance, 1979 [Repealed]   XX
  The Bangladesh Scouts Order, 1972 (President's Order)   111
  The Bangladesh Sericulture Board Ordinance, 1977   LXII
  The Bangladesh Shilpa Bank Order, 1972 (President's Order)   129
  The Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha Order, 1972 (President's Order)   128
  The Bangladesh Shipping Corporation Order, 1972 (President's Order)[Repealed]   10
  The Bangladesh Shishu Academy Ordinance, 1976 [Repealed]   LXXIV
  The Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation Act, 1957 (East Pakistan Act)   XVII
  The Bangladesh Special (Remuneration and Privileges) Order, 1972 (President's Order)   49
  The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution Ordinance, 1985 [Repealed]   XXXVII
  The Sairat Mahals (Management) Ordinance, 1959 (East Pakistan Ordinance)   VI
  The Sale of Goods Act, 1930   III
  The Santosh Islamic University (Board of Trustees) Ordinance, 1983   LXV
  The Sarais Act, 1867   XXII
  The Securities Act, 1920   X
  The Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969   XVII
  The Seeds Ordinance, 1977 [Repealed]   XXXIII
  The Service Tenants (Protection) Act, 1952 (East Bengal Act)   IX
  The Services (Reorganisation and Conditions) Act, 1975 [Repealed]   XXXII
  The Services (Temporary Powers) Ordinance, 1963 (East Pakistan Ordinance)   II
  The Small Cause Courts Act, 1887   IX
  The Smoke-Nuisances Act, 1905   III
  The Smuggling of Arms Act, 1934   VI
  The Societies Registration Act, 1860   XXI
  The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance, 1962 (East Pakistan Ordinance)   XV
  The Soldiers (Litigation) Act, 1925   IV
  The Speaker and Deputy Speaker (Remuneration and Privileges) Act, 1974   XLVIII
  The Special Marriage Act, 1872   III
  The Special Police Establishment (Repeal) Act, 1974   II
  The Special Powers Act, 1974   XIV
  The Special Security Force Ordinance, 1986   XLIII
  The Specific Relief Act, 1877   I
  The Stage-Carriages Act, 1861   XVI
  The Stamp Act, 1899   II
  The Stamp Duties (Additional Modes of Payment) Act, 1974   LXXI
  The Standard Time (Interpretation of References) Ordinance, 1943   VI
  The Standards of Weights and Measures Ordinance, 1982 [Repealed]   XII
  The State Acquisition (Ad-interim Payment) Act, 1957 (East Pakistan Act)   XXXIII
  The State Acquisition (Bonds) Act, 1957 (East Pakistan Act)   XXXVIII
  The State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950 (East Bengal Act)   XXVIII
  The State Aid to Industries Act, 1931   III
  The Statutory Corporations (Delegation of Powers) (Repeal) Ordinance, 1976   XVI
  The Succession Act, 1925   XXXIX
  The Sugar (Road Development Cess) Ordinance, 1960 (East Pakistan Ordinance) [Repealed]   XXIII
  The Sugar-Cane Act, 1934   XV
  The Suits Valuation Act, 1887   VII
  The Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act, 1933 [Repealed]   VI
  The Supreme Court Judges (Leave, Pension and Privileges) Ordinance, 1982   XX
  The Supreme Court Judges (Remuneration and Privileges) Ordinance, 1978   XI
  The Supreme Court Judges (Travelling Allowances) Ordinance, 1976   XXX
  The Surplus Public Servants Absorption Ordinance, 1985 [Repealed]   XXIV
  The Survey Act, 1875   V

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