Short Title Act No.
  The Bangladesh Unani and Ayurvedic Practitioners Ordinance, 1983   XXXII
  The Bangladesh Unnayan Gobeshona Protishthan Act, 1974 [Repealed]   XXIX
  The Undesirable Advertisements Control Act, 1952 (East Bengal Act)   XV
  The Undesirable Companies (Second) Ordinance, 1958 (East Pakistan Ordinance)   XLIX
  The United Nations (Declaration of Death of Missing Persons) Act, 1956   VII
  The United Nations (Privileges and Immunities) Act, 1948   XX
  The United Nations (Security Council) Act, 1948   XIV
  The Universities Laws Amendment Ordinance, 1975   LXII
  The University Grants Commission of Bangladesh Order, 1973 (President's Order)   10
  The University Laws Amendment Act, 1980   I
  The Usurious Loans Act, 1918   X

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