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(ACT NO. XIX OF 1923).
  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 2nd April, 1923  
     1 An Act to consolidate and amend the law in Bangladesh relating to official secrets.
     2[ * * *]

WHEREAS it is expedient that the law relating to official secrets in Bangladesh should be consolidated and amended;

It is hereby enacted as follows:-
1. Short title, extent and application
2. Definitions
3. Penalties for spying
3A. Restriction against photographs, sketches, etc., of prohibited and notified areas
4. Communications with foreign agents to be evidence of commission of certain offences
5. Wrongful communication, etc., of information
6. Unauthorised use of uniforms; falsification of reports, forgery, personation, and false documents
7. Interfering with officers of the police or members of the armed forces of Bangladesh
8. Duty of giving information as to commission of offences
9. Attempts, incitements, etc.
10. Penalty for harbouring spies
11. Search warrants
12. Power to arrest
13. Restriction on trial of offences
14. Exclusion of public from proceedings
15. Offences by companies, etc.
16. [Repealed]

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