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(ACT NO. V OF 1880).
  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 26th May 1880  
     1 An Act to make vaccination compulsory.
1. Short title Extent
Power to extend Act to towns and local areas
Objection to such extension
Procedure thereon
2. Interpretation-clause
3. Parent or guardian of children born in compulsory limits, and of unprotected children brought to reside in such limits, must procure their vaccination
Unprotected child may be required to be vaccinated within fifteen days
Public vaccinator bound to vaccinate all children brought to him
4. Inspection
Repetition of vaccination
5. If child be unfit for vaccination, certificate in Form A to be given, which shall remain in force for one month, but shall be renewable
6. Procedure where child is found to have had small-pox or to be insusceptible of successful vaccination
7. Provision for giving certificates of successful vaccination
8. No fee to be charged for vaccination at a public vaccine-station, or for certificates
9. Fees how to be appropriated
10. Superintendent of vaccination or his assistants may inspect vaccination of child
11. Unprotected persons to be vaccinated
12. Former sections applicable
13. Health Officer of Port may cause vaccination of unprotected persons on their arrival
Health Officer may, in certain cases, require immediate vaccination of unprotected person on board
13A. Occupier of house, etc., to allow access
14. Public vaccine-stations
Appointment of public vaccinators, etc.
Notification of stations and hours of attendance
15. Power of Deputy Commissioner to make rules
16. Superintendent of Vaccination
17. [Omitted]
18. Registrar of Births to give notice of requirement of vaccination
19. Duplicates of all certificates to be transmitted to the Registrar
20. Registrar to keep a vaccination notice and certificate book,
21. and also a duplicate register of births with entries concerning vaccination,
22. and also a register of postponed vaccinations
23. Transmission of returns to Superintendent
24. Government may direct any person to perform duties of Registrar
25. [Omitted]
26. Magistrate may make an order for the vaccination of any unprotected child under fourteen years
Penalty for disobedience of such order
27. Penalty for not producing a child
28. Penalty for neglect to be vaccinated
Penalty for neglect to take child to be vaccinated, etc.
29. Penalty for making or signing false certificate
29A. Penalty for obstructing public vaccinator or Inspector in the discharge of his duties
29B. Vexatious entry by public vaccinator or Inspector
30. Prosecutions to be instituted by Government or Superintendent of Vaccination
31. Prosecution for neglect
32. Annual return to be made of the number of children vaccinated, etc.
33. Government to make rules

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