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  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 6th January, 1973  
     WHEREAS it is expedient to establish an Institute of Chartered Accountants in Bangladesh for the purpose of regulating the profession of accountants and for matters connected therewith;
    NOW, THEREFORE, in pursuance of paragraph 3 of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and in exercise of all powers enabling him in that behalf, the President is pleased to make the following Order:-
1. (1) This Order may be called
2. (1) In this Order, unless there
3. (1) All persons whose names are
4. (1) Any of the following persons
5. (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in this
6. (1) The members of the Institute
7. (1) No member of the Institute
8. Every member of the Institute in
[8A. The Institute shall ensure that all
9. Notwithstanding anything contained in Article 4,
10. (1) There shall be a Council
11. (1) Elections under sub-clause (a) of
12. If any body of persons referred
13. (1) The Council shall elect from
[13A. The functions of the Institute shall
14. (1) Any member of the Council
15. (1) The duration of the Council
16. (1) The duty of carrying out
17. For the efficient performance of its
18. There shall be established a fund
19. (1) The Council shall maintain in
20. The Council may remove from the
21. (1) For the purpose of advising
22. Any person who- (i) not being
23. (1) No person shall- (i) use
24. (1) No company, whether incorporated in
25. (1) No person other than a
26. No person shall be prosecuted under
27. (1) Where a chartered accountant in
28. (1) The Council may, by notification
29. (1) Where any country prevents persons
30. Any reference to a chartered accountant
31. If any difficulty arises in giving
32. In section 144 of the Companies
33. Notwithstanding the amendment of section 144
34. Anything done or action taken or
35. The provisions of the Chartered Accountants

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