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(ACT NO. XXXVI OF 1980).
  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 26th December, 1980  
     An Act for the establishment of the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority.
    WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for the establishment of the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority for creation, development, operation, management and control of export processing zones and for matters connected therewith;

It is hereby enacted as follows:-
1. Short title and commencement
2. Definitions
3. Establishment of the Authority
3A. General direction
4. Head office, etc.
4A. Objects of the Authority
5. Board of Governors
5A. Functions of the Board
5B. Executive Board
6. Meetings
6A. Consultative Committee
6B. Post Sanction Clearance Committee
7. The functions of the Authority
7A. Establishment, etc., of warehouses
8. Fund
9. Power to borrow
10. Power to create zones
11. Acquisition of land for a zone
11A. Power to exempt Zones from operation of certain laws
11B. Committees
11C. Inclusion in or exclusion from Committees
12. Permission for setting up industry in the zone, etc.
13. Allotment of land etc., in a zone
14. Permission to banks to operate in a Zone
15. Bonded facilities, etc.
16. Types of industries to be set up in a zone, etc.
17. Budget
18. Audit and accounts
19. Submission of reports, etc.
20. Appointment of officers, etc.
21. [Omitted.]
22. Power to make rules
23. Power to make regulations
24. Removal of difficulties

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