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(ACT NO. III OF 1865).
  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 14th February, 1865  
    An Act relating to the rights and liabilities of Common Carriers.
    WHEREAS it is expedient not only to enable common carriers to limit their liability for loss of or damage to property delivered to them to be carried but also to declare their liability for loss of or damage to such property occasioned by the negligence or criminal acts of themselves, their servants or agents; It is enacted as follows:-
1. Short title
2. Interpretation-clause
“common carrier"
3. Carriers not to be liable for loss of certain goods above one hundred taka in value, unless delivered as such
4. For carrying such property payment may be required at rates fixed by carrier
5. The person entitled to recover in respect of property lost or damaged may also recover money paid for its carriage
6. In respect of what property liability of carrier not limited or affected by public notice. Carriers, with certain exceptions, may limit liability by special contract
7. Liability of owner of railroad or tram road constructed under Act XXII of 1863, not limited by special contract in what case owner of railroad or tram road answerable for loss or damage
8. Common carrier liable for loss or damage caused by neglect or fraud of himself or his agent
9. Plaintiffs, in suits for loss, damage, or non-delivery, not required to prove negligence or criminal act
10. Notice of loss or injury to be given within six months
11. Power to Government to add to the Schedule

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