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(ACT NO. VIII OF 1851).
  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 4th July, 1851  
    An Act for enabling Government to levy Tolls on Public Roads and Bridges.
    WHEREAS it is expedient to enable Government to levy tolls upon roads and bridges;

It is enacted as follows:-
1. [Repealed]
1A. Extent
2. Power to cause levy of tolls on roads and bridges, and to appoint collectors
3. Recovery of tolls
Release of seized property on tender of dues
4. Exemption from payment of tolls
5. Assistance by Police-officers
6. Penalty for offences. Compensation to person aggrieved, etc
7. Exhibition of table of tolls, and Statement of penalties
8. Tolls levied deemed to be public revenue
9. Lease of the levy of tolls
10. Lessee and persons appointed by lessee deemed to be appointed to collect tolls
11. Lessee may compound with any person
12. Penalty for refusal to pay toll
13. Government may direct any officer to discharge its power
14. Rule making power

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