(ACT NO. XVI OF 1927).
  [21st September, 1927]
  Power to issue notification reserving trees, etc  
30. The Government may, by notification in the official Gazette,-

(a) declare any trees or class of trees in a protected forest to be reserved from a date fixed by the notification;

(b) declare that any portion of such forest specified in the notification shall be closed for such term, not exceeding thirty years, as the Government thinks fit, and that the rights of private persons, if any, over such portion shall be suspended during such term, provided that the remainder of such forest be sufficient, and in locality reasonably convenient, for the due exercise of the rights suspended in the portion so closed; or

(c) prohibit, from a date fixed as aforesaid, the quarrying of stone, or the burning of lime or charcoal, or the collection or subjection to any manufacturing process, or removal of, any forest-produce in any such forest, and the 1[ breaking up, clearing or use] for cultivation, for building, for herding cattle or for any other purpose, of any land in any such forest.
1 The words and comma `breaking up, cleaning or use` were substituted, for the words `breaking up or clearing` by section 8 of the Forest (Amendment) Act, 2000 (Act No. X of 2000)


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